The Ultimate multipurpose hook

Application Areas

  • Kitchen
  • ‍Bathroom
  • ‍Bedroom
  • ‍At your Rollator
  • Shopping cart
  • Restaurant

Everywhere - anywhere - anytime
Instantly available when
needed most!

Customer benefits

  •   No dropping down devices
  •   Always within reach
  •   Independent from any help
  •   Water- and all weatherproof
  •   In-& outdoor use

Get organized with HOOKIT. Instantly

HOOKIT is a unique multipurpose hook that enables you storing your walking support devices in a smarter way, anywhere and anytime. Quick and comfortable.

Walking stick, crunches, anything with a handle can be organized for easy access, thanks to HOOKIT.


Flexible silicone strap for permanent attachment on poles 10-26 mm

User-friendly, soft and hygienic silicone cladding

High friction profiled for perfect hold

Maximum load: 1,5 kg


Just wrap the strap tightly around the handle and lock it (1+2). 

If possible, wrap the excess strap backwards to secure the lock (3). 

Shape the wider flap of HOOKIT to perfection (4). 

HOOKIT is ready for action.


  • Product Code: 15-900061
  • Product Name: HOOKIT
  • Color: Green
  • Fits Tubes: 10-26 mm
  • Application: <1,5 kg
  • Size: 125x105x5 mm
  • Pieces/Pack: 2
  • Units/Box: 4x60 sets = 240 sets
  • Box Size: 66x52x20 cm
  • EAN: 6438077159613

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